Here lie the words and photos of Amanda Price Rone; Myanmar resident, failed photojournalist, avid reader, and self-conscious writer.

I live in the beautiful and difficult Northern Shan State in Myanmar with my husband Rob. We spent our first year here as English teachers. We love Myanmar and hope to stay for many years, so we're taking language learning seriously. I take blogging less seriously, but I hope to give the occasional honest window into my life as an American abroad.

I loved writing when I was young but got lured away from it in college by the flashy world of photojournalism. I studied alongside the best photographers in the country who now make logging into facebook and seeing all their accomplishments a huge bummer for me. I've retained some of my photo skills and rekindled my love of storycrafting through this blog. I hope you enjoy my stories, photos, and inconsistent use of the oxford comma.